1st Photography Contest will start from 11th May 2017 and last till 25th May 2017.

Photography Contest
  • Prizes
  • Prize money of 1,000 will be awarded to first rank holder.
  • Prize money of 600 will be awarded to second rank holder.
  • Prize money of 400 will be awarded to third rank holder.
  • Guidelines for publishing an article on Fagnum.
  • Contest Theme - Fagnum presents you with its 1st Photography Contest. With the growing trend of smartphones and selfies, everybody is so keen to capture every moment around them. Are you one of them who loves to capture this world through his/her lenses? Welcome to the photography contest. The theme of this month is 'Seasons- Winter, Summer, Spring, Rains, Autumn'. Capture some shots showing any of the seasons and its effects, funny or serious. You can send us up to 5 photographs. You also need to write something about each photograph making it an article of up to 500 words.

    Fagnum also presents you with an opportunity to sell your photographs to prospective firms. The high-resolution image will not be shared on Fagnum. The copyrights will remain with you. Only presentational images will be shared on Fagnum in your article.
  • The article garnering the maximum points will be the winner of the contest. The articles will be awarded points based on the following criteria -
  • We value your contribution to Fagnum. But sometimes the articles received are so much error-prone that it results in delayed publishing because Fagnum has a very small or no team. We request you to please eliminate grammar errors in your article by using www.grammarly.com. The articles with more than 10 errors will be sent back for correction. Request you to please cross verify your article with Grammarly and try sending us an error-free article.
  • Article publishing can take up to 72 hrs to publish. Kindly keep patience.
  • 1. Fagnum is anti-plagiarism. Only the original works will be published. Any attempt to publish copied content will be discarded, and the defaulter will be banned from participating in the next one contest.
  • 2. Fagnum holds the copyright to the content that you write about your photograph. The due credit will be given to the author, but it restricts the author to publish the same content on any other platform even their own blog space. You can use the photographs wherever you want.
  • 3. One point will be awarded for every page view of your article.
  • 4. Critics point will be awarded based on the average time spent by the readers on the article. Maximum of 500 points can be earned here.
  • 5. You can earn 50 points by referring a photographer on Fagnum. Each photographer can refer at most two other photographers.
    How To Refer- You can earn referral points by asking your friends to share photograph article with Fagnum. The photographer just needs to mention the name of the person in the mail while submitting the article.
  • 6. Article's length must be 500 words.
  • 7. If the average time spent on the article is less than 2 minutes, then the prize money won't be awarded.
  • 8. After your article gets published on Fagnum, the author has to share the given link (http://www.fagnum.com/photography-contest-fagnum/) on their facebook timeline as well as twitter handle. Don't forget to mention Fagnum and tag Fagnum. It will earn you 100 points in critics section.
  • 9. This is our first photography contest so we are open to suggestions. Help us in improving it to serve you better.
  • 10. Mail your article at care@fagnum.com and for any query you can call at +91 886 786 1530.