8th Article writing contest will start from 4th Mar 2017 and last till 29th Mar 2017.

Article Writing Contest
  • Prizes
  • Prize money of 1500 will be awarded to first rank holder.
  • Prize money of 1250 will be awarded to second rank holder.
  • Prize money of 750 will be awarded to third rank holder.
  • Prize money of 500 will be awarded from 4th to 8th rank holder.
  • Prize money of 300 will be awarded from 9th to 15th rank holder.
  • Guidelines for publishing an article on Fagnum.
  • Contest Theme - We are in the month of March and we want you to march around a little and write for us. Unlike previous contests this time we want you to write an article about your favourite city/locality. We want to hear your own story, the story from where you belong to/or where you have been to, the story of its evolution, the story of its success, the story of its rise, the story of its mob.

    You can write on any topic (yes, any topic because your wish is our command) varying from listing down beautiful points about your city to writing on the family living next door which has broken all the societal norms to carve out a new path. An article about the struggling startup above your floor to the local business which has set the market on fire with its innovative idea. A story about the breakthrough brought in by a local innovative product developed by the young teenager to a cover story about the new campaign running in your city to empower the underprivileged. You can also pen down about the journey of your real-life hero whom you look upto as your inspiration.

    We urge you to write on anything under the sky happening in your city which you feel should be heard by the crowd out there. However, you should write with the prior consent of the person/company involved. Endorsing of big brands and established firms is not allowed.

    The sole purpose behind this theme is to encourage writers from every nook of the country to showcase their writing skills with their insightful cover story. This way the local market will come to know about you and Voila you have already established yourself as a proven content writer. The doors of opportunity will open for you and you will be asked to sponsor many local stories. Isn't this a nice idea? So pull up your socks and pen down a breathtaking and insightful article/story. We can't wait to hear from you.
  • Fagnum is anti-plagiarism. Only the original works will be published. Any attempt to publish copied content will be discarded.
  • Fagnum holds the copyright to the articles/stories sent to it. The due credit will be given to the author but it restricts the author to publish the same article/story on any other platform even their own blog space. The defaulter will be banned from participating in the contests held by Fagnum.
  • The article garnering the maximum points will be the winner of the contest. The articles will be awarded points based on the following criteria -
  • 1. One point will be awarded for every page view of your article.
  • 2. Critics point will be awarded based on the average time spent by the readers on the article. Maximum of 500 points can be earned here
  • 3. You can 50 earn points by referring a blogger or writer on Fagnum. Each writer can refer at most two other writers/bloggers.
  • 4. Article's length must be greater than 500 words. 200 points will be awarded if the article's length is greater than 700 words.
  • 5. If the average time spent on the article is less than 2 minutes, then the prize money won't be awarded.
  • 6. 100 points will be awarded in critics section if the article is written on the provided theme. Fagnum doesn't want to restrain your creativity. You can write on any topic of your choice as well.
  • 7. After your article gets published on Fagnum, the author has to share the given link (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iFht_7D_XWw) on their facebook timeline as well as twitter handle. Don't forget to mention Fagnum and tag Fagnum. It will earn you 100 points in critics section.
  • 8. Mail your article at care@fagnum.com and for any query you can call at +91 886 786 1530.